Ruth Landstrom, Ph.D., ACC                             
Winter 2010                                                         Volume 4, Number 1

What's on your mind right now?  Are you lost in thought?  Or can you get out of your
head for a couple of moments and just tune in to all the other streams of life  -- the
colors, the sensations, the sounds -- in real time?

Uncovering the Present

The past and future can feel so solid and weighty.  If something important is
happening next week, there are millions of moments before then to think about it
from every angle, anticipate every possibility, and worry about them all in advance, 
In the same way, our thoughts can go over the past again and again, reliving it to our
heart's content -- or discontent.
 As we react to our own thoughts, often with negative
emotions, the rest of our experience -- our present experience in our bodies -- slips
by without our noticing. 
Of course, thinking about the past and future allows us to choose actions with some
clue how they might turn out.  But do you want to spend all your time in the past and
the future? 
Tuning in to body sensations is a simple way to step out of your head and into the
present, whenever you find yourself agitated or unhappy.  Just feel the soles of your
feet on the floor.  Or your breath.  That's it.  Those sensations, moment to moment,
present a comfortable, ever-present alternative to the mind's preoccupations with
other times and other places. 
Here's an eight-minute meditation audio to get you started:

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Coaching and psychotherapy
I am available for both coaching and psychotherapy in Warwick, NY and New York
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Habits & Happiness Group
A new five-session group is starting now in Warwick.
Drawing on both ancient wisdom and modern science, this group will include
meditation, exercises, discussion and goal-setting.  Step by step, participants will
cultivate new habits that foster contentment and well-being.
Week 1: Awareness of the Present Moment
Week 2: Working Toward Goals
Week 3: Cultivating Lovingkindness
Week 4: Taking Care of Obstacles
Week 5: Where to From Here?

Lunchtime Meditation
Please join me in my Warwick office (28 Railroad Avenue, #4C) on Thursdays from
12:30 to 1:00 for lunchtime meditation.